Monmouthshire: Stamp duty changes could positively impact 假日 let market

Jake Carter


stamp duty changes announced by 大臣Rishi Sunak earlier in the year could positively impact the 假日 let market, according to Monmouthshire Building Society.


蒙茅斯郡建筑协会(Monmouthshire Building Society)概述,希望购买印花税阈值较高端的投资房地产的投资者可以在购买之前节省数千英镑。‘holiday’期于明年结束。

According to data collected by YouGov, as a result of the pandemic 28% of British people surveyed stated they would rather 假日 in the UK than aboard and only 8% of people said they would travel abroad.

Caroline Barrett, key account manager at Monmouthshire Building Society, said: “The society prides itself on being a 假日 let lending specialist with a personal, flexible and common-sense approach to lending.

“We have been listening to feedback and responding to consumer trends in this market, and I am pleased the society is able to offer a range of individual and limited company 假日 let mortgages during this challenging time.

“Over the past few months we have seen an increasing interest in this market, leading to more enquiries and 假日 let mortgage applications as consumers look to invest for the future.”